Winners 2023

In the category of social responsibility and philanthropy, the award was presented to the social enterprise "Neredzamā pasaule" and its founder, Maksims Mihejevs. The enterprise has been operating for three years with the aim of reducing stereotypes about blind people and promoting tolerance in Latvian society. This type of enterprise is unique in Northern Europe. Visitors are offered guided tours in complete darkness by a blind guide through five interactive rooms that simulate the everyday experiences of blind people, including a living room, museum, grocery store, park, and cafe.

In the category of outstanding contributions to education, the award was given to Māris Ločmelis. Māris Ločmelis is a teacher, a dedicated worker, a philanthropist, an artist, and a Latgalian. He has grown from an auto service mechanic to a lecturer in the "Metalworking and Mechanical Engineering" department at the Daugavpils Building Technical School. He has been a member of the Latvian Craftsmen's Chamber "Transport Vehicle Painter" for over 30 years. Māris approaches his work with professionalism, recognizing that young people are a significant resource for preserving intellectual and labor potential in Latgale.

In the category of outstanding contributions to health and well-being, the "Laimas slimības slimnieku biedrība" and its founder, Elīna Prikule, received the award. The mission of the "Laimas slimības slimnieku biedrība" is to unite and advocate for the interests of Laimas disease patients, educate the public, provide support to Laimas disease patients and their families, and collaborate with medical specialists to collectively reduce the number of patients in whom the disease is diagnosed late or not at all. Since its establishment in March 2019, the organization has significantly improved the quality of information about Laimas disease, including preventive measures.

In the category of contributions to Latvia's future, the award was presented to Edijs Klaišis and the "OPEN Radošais centrs" association. Edijs Klaišis provides refuge for young people in difficult family situations who lack trust in the system and do not believe in society's willingness to help. "OPEN radošie centri" have been opened in several Latvian cities, where young people can come and seek solutions to their complex situations. Edijs independently seeks resources and opportunities to involve as many institutions and companies as possible in improving the lives of young people.

A Special Award for selfless work was given to the association "Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem." "Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem" is a movement that provides immediate assistance to asylum seekers in need through volunteer efforts. The association covers urgent expenses such as medical costs, document processing, food purchases, utility payments, and even rents apartments, which are provided to refugee families in need free of charge and without compensation.