Recognizing that social responsibility, education, training, health and well-being, welfare of children and youth are the most critical investments required for human development in Latvia, the Human Development Award will be presented in the following categories:

  • Social Responsibility Award – This award honors excellence in the development of society through exceptional generosity and commitment of time, expertise and financial or organizational support.
  • Outstanding Commitment to Education Award – This award honors initiatives for improving the quality of and access to education and training that enhances the well-being of people from all walks of life, and promotes education as a lifelong
  • Exemplary Contribution to Health and Well-Being Award – This award honors initiatives in regard to promotion of healthy living, supporting and improving health and well-being of communities and individuals and reducing health inequalities. “Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit.”.
  • The Future of Latvia Award –  This award honors initiatives in regard to the enhancement of youth and children’s welfare,
    healthy development and their rights to grow up in a loving and stable environment, including in
    foster and guardian families.

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