Human Development Award
To promote human development and prosperity of Latvia's people

The Award is hosted by the Civic Alliance - Latvia and the U.S. Embassy in Latvia.

What is it?

The Human Development Award is presented to honor Latvia’s inspirational people and to recognize the socially responsible practices of Latvia’s businesses and non-profit organizations.

The award has four categories that emphasize investment in social responsibility, education, health and well-being.

This year the award will be presented for the seventh time.



Hamid Ladjevardi and family

What are the goals?

The Civic Alliance - Latvia, in cooperation with the US Embassy in Latvia, calls on citizens, non-governmental organizations and companies to nominate the Solidarity and Support Initiatives for Human Growth in the context of the crisis caused by COVID-19, which promotes education, health and well-being.

Latvia's growth and prosperity depend on its people. Selfless, talented and active people who can inspire others.



How to nominate?

The Human Development Award 2020 call was open until July 12, 2020.
Prizes will be awarded in four categories:

  • On Social Responsibility;
  • Outstanding Commitment to Education Award;
  • Exemplary Contribution to Health and Well-Being Award;
  • The Future of Latvia Award.

This year's initiatives will be summarized in an interactive map, which will be available to anyone interested in sharing more good work, informing the public where to turn for help and what initiatives to take part in.

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