Human Development Award
To promote human development and prosperity of Latvia's people

The patron of the Human Development Award the President of Latvia, Raimonds Vējonis: "The Human Development Award covers many relevant long-term development areas for Latvia, while each nomination highlights significant work to the benefit of community by a person, company, or organization. I am pleased for each and every contribution, in addition to recognizing how great, smart, and entrepreneurial people reside in Latvia!"

The Award is hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, the U.S. Embassy in Latvia and the Civic Alliance of Latvia.

What is it?

The Human Development Award is presented to honor Latvia’s inspirational people and to recognize the socially responsible practices of Latvia’s businesses and non-profit organizations.


Hamid Ladjevardi and family

What are the goals?

The purpose of the Human Development Award is to promote human development, prosperity and well-being of Latvia’s people.



Who are winners?

The winners of the Human Development Award 2018 are as follows :

1. In the category "On Social Responsibility" - Marika Ģederte, the founder of the International Cosmetology College, patroness of the Children's Palliative Care Society.

2. In the category "Outstanding Commitment to Education Award” - Anna Kupre, de[uty director in Galenu elementary school.

3. In the category "Exemplary Contribution to Health and Well-Being Award” - The Children's Hospital Foundation

4. In the category "The Future of Latvia Award ": organization "Krāslavas Moms' Club".

An insight into the 2018 award ceremony will follow.

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