The Evaluation Committee was made up of representatives from Partners, representatives from Latvian civil society, and winners from last year.

Nominees were evaluated by the following jury:

Kristīne Zonberga, Director of the Civic Alliance - Latvia

Kristine is a director of Civic Alliance-Latvia, experienced in the civic society and business sectors. She believes that value-oriented and systematic organization is a precondition for quality, sustainability and growth in order to be able to successfully implement the mission. Kristine represents, at national and international level, the common interests of civic society, based on the principles of democratic values, human rights and good governance. She supports organizations in legal, management, good governance, social political processes. Author of the publications about the issues of public administration and civic participation. Has a professional master’s degree in public administration and bachelor degree in political science.

Iris Willey, the Cultural Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Latvia

Iris spearheads the Embassy’s civil society and education programs, grants, and exchange programs. She is from Maryland.

Māra Sīmane, Consultant of Cross Sectoral Coordination Center
Māra Sīmane has worked with the implementation of various strategic systems in the state administration since the restoration of Latvia's independence, incl. coordination of foreign aid, reform of public administration, strengthening of civil society (coordinated the development of the first program), implementation of internal audit in the administration, etc. Since 2014, Māra has been working at the Cross Sectoral Coordination Center - working with the National Development Plan's priority of strengthening Human Safety Capability. Mara from 2006.-2011., led the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS) - an organization that unites non-governmental organizations dealing with development cooperation and development education.
Hamid Ladjevardi, Chairman of American Baltic Investments
Hamid Ladjevardi is a board member of the non-profit organizations, Latvian Foster Family Association and   Kids First Fund that deal with the welfare of children. Prior to this, he was co-founder and manager of the general partner of Baltic Fund 1, L.P., the first and longest running private equity fund in the Baltics, which was established in 1994. He has been actively involved in investment projects in the Baltic States since late 1991. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Hamid Ladjevardi received Bachelor of Arts degrees in economics and political science and then went on to receive his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Hamid Ladjevardi is Co-Chairman of the U.S.-Baltic Foundation that promotes democracy, free markets, investments, and cultural exchange with the Baltic States.
Jaroslava Tomaševiča, member of the board of the charity foundation "Bērnu rīts"
Jaroslava Tomaševiča is the head and board member of the Charity Foundation "Bērnu rīts". For 16 years she have been supporting children and orphans left without parental care. The foundation supports children all over Latvia - both by organizing various events for them and by purchasing the necessary things. The largest annual campaign "Ar sirdi" takes place at the end of the year, and children from out-of-home care institutions, as well as foster families, write letters to Santa Claus. Thanks to the support and responsiveness of people, every dream is fulfilled. In 2021, the Charity Foundation "Bērnu rīts" received the Award for Human Development in the nomination "For Contribution to the Future of Latvia".
Atis Ķeņģis, memeber of the board of the association "Piedzīvojuma Gars"
Atis Ķeņģis is a member of the board and coach of the national youth organization, the association "Piedzīvojuma Gars". The vision of "Piedzīvojuma Gars" is "An Outstanding Work of People and Nature". The goals of the association are to develop young people in Latvia, in the world as a whole, to unite adventure seekers and to create a culture of adventure and experience education in Latvia. In 2021 "Piedzīvojuma Gars" received the Human Development Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education.
Rudīte Krūmiņa, founder and head of the association "Ieva" , chairwoman of the board of the Red Cross Committee of Latvia in Balvi

Rudīte is the organizer of projects, support and charity campaigns for women and children who have been victims of violence. Family and children's rights expert. The association "Ieva" was established to help and provide support to women who have suffered from violence, it is the first such organization in Latgale. In Balvi, Baltinava, Rugāji and Vilaka municipalities, Rudīte has organized various charity campaigns and projects for more than 10 years. In 2021, Rudīte received the Human Development
Award in the nomination "For Social Responsibility and Philanthropy".
Baiba Ziemele, founder of the association "Latvian Rare Disease Alliance" and "Latvian Patient Organization Network", head of the Latvian Hemophilia Society
Baiba Ziemele is actively involved in defending the interests of patients in Latvia and internationally. Since 2009, he has been leading the Latvian Hemophilia Society, established and managed the Latvian Alliance of Rare Diseases, and in 2018 established the Latvian Patient Organizations Network, where various patient organizations form a unified patient voice. In 2022, Baiba received the Human Growth Award in the nomination "For outstanding contribution to health and well-being".
Rojs Puķe, (culinary blogger), author of two recipe books and creator of the "Good bag" and "Nutrition Academy" projects
Rojs Puķe (culinary blogger), the author of two recipe books, started his first charity campaign at the age of thirteen to help little Markus and for these activities received the title "Pride of Latvia"! In 2020 and 2021, Rojs received the Ombudsman of the Year awards of the Republic of Latvia. In 2020 and 2021, Roy was included in the "30 under 30" list of the prestigious business magazine "Forbes" and is so far the youngest member of this list in Latvia. Roy has created two projects "Laba soma" and "Nutrition Academy", which not only support themselves, but also earn funds to help children with special needs. In 2022, Rojs received the Human Growth Award in the nomination "For an outstanding contribution to the future of Latvia".
Eva Viļķina, chairman of the board of the association "Wings of hope"

Eva Viļķina is a member of the social enterprise "Everyone can!" a representative who works in the association "Wings of Hope" as the chairman of the board. Social enterprise "Everyone can!" was founded in 2018 with the aim of promoting the employment of persons with disabilities, their relatives and socially disadvantaged groups. The profit from the income is invested in the implementation of charity projects and social support, the creation of new jobs and the purchase of necessary equipment. The company is a place where many people, especially those who acquired a disability during their lifetime, understood how to accept the new situation, found new activities and passions not only at the hobby level, but also learned a new profession. 2022. social enterprise "Everyone can!" received the Award for Human Growth in the nomination "For social responsibility and philanthropy".

Iveta Pokromoviča, chairman of the board of "Tīne" and "Express Yourself" associations and member of the board of the Salaspils business association
Iveta Pokromović is active in the non-governmental sector as a volunteer. She is the chairman of the board of the association "Tīne" and the association "Express Yourself", as well as a member of the board of the Salaspils business association. Iveta has been working with young people for about 20 years to promote their non-formal education. Together with like-minded people, Iveta founded the youth association Express Yourself (2013), where she works as a volunteer. Young people have the opportunity to learn various skills and abilities through informal training methods, to do volunteer work. In 2022, Iveta received the Human Growth Award in the nomination "For outstanding contribution to education".