Winners of 2020

The award for outstanding contribution to the future of Latvia was given to Natalya Novikova, who established the charity fund "LiveIntegro", which aims to promote education, culture, sports, social rehabilitation, vocational training, employment, as well as access to the environment and information. The foundation is mostly involving children and young people with disabilities in the para sports and other activities. In 2019, Natalija became the president of the Children's and youth para sports association and initiated the development of a unique development program for children with movement disorders.

The award for outstanding contribution to health and well-being was presented to Elīna Tolmačova, Head of the Environment, Health and Public Participation Department of the Liepāja City Municipality Administration. Elīna is one of those socially responsible people who does more than her job responsibilities require. At the time of the country's emergency, Elina was immediately involved in emergency prevention - Covid-19 virus prevention and professional coordination - taking care of her city's residents and not thinking about the potential threats from potentially infected people. 

The award for social responsibility was given to Tamāra Krēsliņa, a volunteer of the State Probation Service in the field of resocialization (co-worker). In her daily work, Tamara supports young people who have committed crimes. She helps them to solve various social issues, as well as inspires them to learn new ways of spending free time so that young people can live without crimes in the future. If at least some young people continue to live without offenses, starting their own families, raising children and teaching them the true values of life, then it is thanks to cooperation with Tamāra.

This year, the award for outstanding contribution to education was given to the craftsman Alvids Pupšis, an active supporter of public life in Ezere parish. Since 2015, Alvids has been leading free wood craft classes organized by the association “Mūsu ligzda” and Ezere 4H “ASNI”, where children and young people, as well as their parents, grandparents and other interested people learn practical skills in woodworking, learn to work with wood and make for themselves useful things in the public environment.

This year, a Special Award was also presented - For selfless work in preventing the negative consequences of Covid-19, which was received from the hands of President Egils Levits to the volunteer movement # paliecmājās (currently “Viegli palīdzēt”). The volunteer movement was established in a short period of time, in March, with the onset of a state of emergency in the country. The movement mobilized more than 800 volunteers throughout Latvia, offering help to anyone at risk, in self-isolation or quarantine to purchase goods and other essential support to stay at home. With the help of a specially created application, it was possible to easily become a volunteer, as well as ask for help. This movement is a unique and vivid proof of the cohesion of the Latvian population in times of crisis and self-denial, supporting those who are struggling.