Winners 2016

The winners of the Human Development Award 2016 are as follows:

Winner in the category the Social Responsibility Award Zigmunds Zaļenko is a Handyman in two municipal institutions in Brocēni, however, he does much more than his job requires. He has made kitchen appliances in bright colors for kindergarden children. He has implemented environmental project “Bird hotel” with 80 bird cages created together with children and young people of Brocēni. Now he is working on initiative “Rolling car” making wooden car models and races together with children.

The winner in the category Outstanding Commitment to Education Award is Accenture Latvia with its educational project Start(IT) that offers free education in the basics of programming and computer science for primary and secondary school pupils. The project contains 50 programming lectures and 140 computer science lectures. Start(IT) materials are used by more than 300 schools in Latvia. 

The winner in the category Exemplary Contribution to Health and Well-Being Award Children's Palliative Care Society was established with a goal to develop a united approach towards providing services of palliative care for children, to encourage availability of services to all families that have children with life limited and life threatening illnesses as well as to develop volunteer movement and to inform society about children’s palliative care.

The winner in the category of the Future of Latvia Award Andris Berzins is a Co-founder of TechHub Riga. Andris Berzins has an extensive experience in the development of startups. He is an angel investor and a startup mentor actively supporting the growing Baltic startup community. In 2012 together with three other entrepreneurs, he created TechHub Riga, the first international branch of the London-based co-working operator TechHub.