Ceremony 2017

The 2017 award ceremony for the prize Human Development Award of Latvia was will be held in November 22 at 18:00 VEF Quarter Camerhal.

For the fourth time, was presented the prize for Human Development Award of Latvia by honoring the people and organizations of Latvia who have made a good investment of their resources and ideas for the growth, health and well-being of the people. The prize competition is organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, the US Embassy in Latvia and the Civic Alliance- Latvia. The patron of the Human Development Award is the President of Latvia, Raimonds Vējonis.

Within the framework of the Thanksgiving
dinner, people, organizations and companies that invested their work, time and energy in the growth, health and well-being of the people of Latvia were honored, also in dinner time were held charity activities for collecting donations for various social initiatives.
In 2017
for the Human Development Award of Latvia 37 candidates were nominated for competition, among which the jury nominated four winners as follows:

1. In the category "On Social Responsibility" - organization "Integration for Society".
The winner in the category "On Social Responsibility"
- organization "Integration for Society" was founded in 1996. During its activities, the association has established and continues to develop the Social Rehabilitation Centre "Ratnieki", which provides assistance to people after their release form prisons and long -term homeless people. The center has two residential buildings for 20 people, a workshop for wood and metal processing, a gym and 2 ha of free land for futher development. The association has a status or public benefit organization, it employs 5 people - their job enthusiasts.

In the category "Outstanding Commitment to Education Award” - Swedbank Latvia.
Winner in the category "
Outstanding Commitment to Education Award”: Swedbank Latvia. The "Life-ready" project is Swedbank's contribution to improve the quality of education in Latvia and to make students more competitive in the future job market. The program provides motivation for learning and gives an idea of the professions in which the knowledge gained in school is used in life, as well as helping them learn new skills in real life and future careers - the 21st century skills.

3. In the category "Exemplary Contribution to Health and Well-Being Award” -For Latvian Children with Disabilities”.

The winner in the category "Exemplary Contribution to Health and Well-Being Award” is the association “For Latvian Children with Disabilities”. The association goal is to help children with movement disorders, improve their health, develop their ability to move and live well, and ensure the availability of the world-wide Biofeedback method in Latvia, which makes the method more accessible to more children.

4. In the category "The Future of Latvia Award ": Vita Kalniņa, Head of the Family Psychological Support Center LĪNE.
Winner in the category "The Future of Latvia Award ": Vita Kalniņa, Head of the Family Psychological Support Center LĪNE. Vita Kalniņa has created a family psychological support center "LINE" in order to help practically the parents and children of Latvia to experience a healthy, loving and supportive relationship, which is the basis for the child's healthy personality development. In addition to counseling a psychologist and a psychotherapist, the center prepares the first emotional care mothers, thus providing support to pregnant women and mothers in the postnatal period and in the first years of life of the child.

In 2017 for the first time the second place winners were honored after the ceremony. The organizers met with them personally to hand over special awards. Winners of the second place in each category are:
1. In the category of social responsibility - Lauma Celma, who in 2012 created the NGO association - "Cooperation Platform",  for ensuring long-term cooperation and development. Since 2014, she has led the movement "Latvian Ambassadors for Culture", which has been able to unite and inspire more than 160 cultural ambassadors. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia celebrates her work in contribution to promoting intercultural dialogue and cooperation.
2. In the category of outstanding commitment in education  - Zuarguss, who is the founder of the Latvian Intellectual Development Fund, the head of the High Emotional Intelligence Center "Human". For almost 6 years he has been selflessly devoting himself to other developments, investing his time and energy to find ways to provide young people, teachers and others interests with free or as economical as possible trainings, with the aim of improving people's lives through the development of emotional intelligence, creativity, critical thinking skills.
3. In the category of outstanding contribution to health and well-being - Ināra Pužule, Chairwoman of the Latvian Children and Young People's Diabetes Association. Ināra is known as the godmother of all Latvian children with diabetes, who for the past 30 years have been selflessly caring for them. Ināra creates inner strength and motivation for joining parents and fighting for the lives of children
with diabetes, because untreated diabetes leads to safe death.
4. In the category of the future of Latvian - association "Ascendum". Association " Ascendum" is a public benefit organization whose main goal is to create an inclusive society through a cultural prism. Association "Ascendum" forms the following active projects on a daily basis: Internet magazine "Satori", children's cultural project "Garā pupa", children's poetry book "Garā pupa", project "Mans Doms" and others.

The event was made possible by partners, sponsors and supporters: the US Embassy in Latvia, the European Commission Representation in Latvia, Abbvie, Hamid Ladvejardi with family, Tallink Hotel Riga, Member of the European Parliament, member of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) Inese Vaidere, Maxima Latvija.